Northern New Hampshire Trails

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 President - Michael Bennett  

 Vice President - Denis Corbeil

 Treas. - Lorna Holcombe

 Secretary - Jody Noons 

 Trail Adm.- Candy Livingstone 

 Trail Master - Ted Burns 

 Webmaster -  Wayne Labatte

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Trail Conditions

SNOWMOBILE TRAIL CONDITIONS  | Link to National Weather Services


As of Sunday, March 22nd Cleveland Notch Trail will be closed due to a logging operation on Frizzel's land. Cree Notch will be the only option as a connection into Colebrook. The logging operation will be till May. Please take note. Signing will be done on the Bungy side and Blue Mt. side.


Trail Condition Comments
1) Burns Truck Stop Corridor 3 North to Junction 3 and 7.   good

6" to 10" base. Trails are opened and groomed with good, spring riding conditions.



2) Cor. 3 S( Railroad Bed) Burns Truck Stop to Junction of Percy Rd and Bluebery Hill Trail


 spring riding conditions

3 ) Cor. 3 N Percy Rd to Junction Cor. 7 N & S   good
4) Cor. 7 N. ( Bog Trail, Bog Mountain ) To Junction of 3 S. (Meridan Hill)  good
5) Cor. 7 N to Junction of Blue Mountain Varity  good
6) Cor. 7 N to Cleveland Notch  good
7) Cree Notch      good
8) Blueberry Hill Loop Trail to Junction of Potato Hill trail  good  spring like conditions
9) Potato Hill Trail South to Cor. 5  good
10) Marquis Trail  good


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